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Title: De què vas, tío? Gènere i llengua en la cultura juvenil
Other Titles: ebook
Author: Pujolar, Joan  
Abstract: The existence of youth slang reminds us that all forms of culture and identities are closely linked to their forms of speech. What follows is thus a reflection on this link, such as close relationships between cultures and identities on the one hand, and ways of speaking and languages on the other. The first part of the book discusses the various gender identities detected in the groups studied. The reader may wonder what is that of gender identities, and why they are so important. Gender studies dealwith the functioning of the sexual division in our society, that is, about the different roles men and women are in the labor market, politics, family, etc. From these concepts, the second part of the book proceed to explain how identities and ideologies were associated with various forms of talk (slang youth, Andalusian accent) and the use of Catalan and Spanish languages.
Keywords: identity
Catalan language
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Issue Date: 7-May-2012
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