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Title: La experiencia artística en los videojuegos: de la contemplación a la inmersión interactiva
Author: Fernández Fernández, Diego
Tutor: Besolí Martín, Andreu
Keywords: narrativity
video games
Issue Date: Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Video games and art. According to popular culture, video games are conceived as an audiovisual and interactive entertainment product aimed at the consumer masses. A market niche that, traditionally, would be distanced from any artistic sacredness. As a general rule, the videogame player would not see himself as a consumer of art when playing console or computer games. Even if his thinking would approach, timidly and on certain occasions, to question his interactive experience close to artistic sublimity, he would quickly become frightened and retreat to the safety of the shelter of what is already established, downwind, certified by critics. Video games would be a playful artifice, for adolescents of age or mind, far from the Olympus of art where the work would not be played with; this would not be a "children's" game. It would be art. Would the trinomial between art, videogames and amusement be possible? Could we have fun, play videogames, and at the same time savour the ambrosia of art? In the following lines of this report, we will try to carry out our enterprise of experimenting between the playful and the artistic.
Language: Spanish
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