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Title: MOOC de Gestión y transformación de conflictos
Author: Sánchez Tena, Santiago
Vancells, Helena
Keywords: conflict management
conflict transformation
conflict resolution
Issue Date: Feb-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Collection of MOOC teaching videos of "Gestión y transformación de conflictos" offered by the Open University of Catalonia.
Language: Spanish
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Video 1 T1.1_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 1 T1.1_Santiago Sánchez61,59 MBMP4View/Open

Video 1 T1.2_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 1 T1.2_Santiago Sánchez86,36 MBMP4View/Open

Video 2 T2.1_Helena Vancells.mp4

Video 2 T2.1_Helena Vancells74,91 MBMP4View/Open

Video 2 T2.2_Helena Vancells.mp4

Video 2 T2.2_Helena Vancells39,28 MBMP4View/Open

Video 1 T1.3_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 1 T1.3_Santiago Sánchez41,54 MBMP4View/Open

Video 1 T1.4_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 1 T1.4_Santiago Sánchez74,9 MBMP4View/Open

Video 3 T3.1_Helena Vancells.mp4

Video 3 T3.1_Helena Vancells.mp444,19 MBMP4View/Open

Video 3 T3.2_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 3 T3.2_Santiago Sánchez42,04 MBMP4View/Open

Video 2 T2.3_Helena Vancells.mp4

Video 2 T2.3_Helena Vancells.mp437,34 MBMP4View/Open

Video 2 T2.4_Helena Vancells.mp4

Video 2 T2.4_Helena Vancells59,83 MBMP4View/Open

Video 4 T4.1_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 4 T4.1_Santiago Sánchez67,33 MBMP4View/Open

Video 4 T4.2_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 4 T4.2_Santiago Sánchez67,94 MBMP4View/Open

Video 4 T4.3_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 4 T4.3_Santiago Sánchez47,24 MBMP4View/Open

Video 3 T3.3_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 3 T3.3_Santiago Sánchez62,02 MBMP4View/Open

Video 3 T3.4_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video 3 T3.4_Santiago Sánchez82,53 MBMP4View/Open

Video Presentación T2_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video Presentación T2_Santiago Sánchez14,35 MBMP4View/Open

Video Presentación T3_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video Presentación T3_Santiago Sánchez19,05 MBMP4View/Open

Video Presentación T4_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video Presentación T4_Santiago Sánchez15,8 MBMP4View/Open

Video 4 T4.4_Santiago Sánche.mp4

Video 4 T4.4_Santiago Sánchez38,12 MBMP4View/Open

Video 4 T4.4_Santiago Sánche.mp4

Video 4 T4.4_Santiago Sánchez27,84 MBMP4View/Open

Video TV 2_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video TV 2_Santiago Sánchez7,44 MBMP4View/Open

Video TV 3_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video TV 3_Santiago Sánchez10,37 MBMP4View/Open

Video TV 1_Santiago Sánchez.mp4

Video TV 1_Santiago Sánchez8,49 MBMP4View/Open