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Title: El paper de l'Educació Social en l'educació afectiva-sexual dels i les adolescents virtualitzats/des
Author: Aguilar-Galindo Martínez, Alba
Tutor: Gallardo Avellan, Mireia
Keywords: adolescence
affective-sexual education
social education
social networks
Issue Date: 9-Jun-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The approach to affective-sexual education is key in the adolescent stage, due to the biological and psychosocial changes that arise in this vital stage, which give rise to new and different ways of experiencing sexuality and affective relationships with other people. This development and the demand for information on the part of the youth, derives in the need to offer an education, formal and non-formal, on affectivity and sexuality to the youth. Even so, in Spain, affective-sexual education is still a pending task, since the families derive this function to the educational centers and these, since they have no obligation to deal with it, do it in a very partial and brief way, basically through professionals who are not very well trained or are not part of the educational centers. This fact does not solve the demands, doubts and / or misgivings of adolescents and leads them to consult other information channels, of which the main one is the Internet, where they can find quality educational information, but also little contrasted and biased, with all the negative effects that this entails when adolescents live their sexuality and affectivity. This paper reviews the current state of affective-sexual education in Spain (information demanded, needed, etc.) and the main contents on affectivity and sexuality that adolescents look for and find on the Internet, emphasizing what place the social educator can have as an affective and sexual educator in schools and institutes, using the Internet as a socio-educational tool to carry out this task. The review article has been carried out based on a bibliographic research on publications, books, master and doctoral thesis final works, opinion articles, projects, etc. on the specific subject, as well as on web pages (information portals, campaigns, etc.) that offer content on affective-sexual matters.
Language: Catalan
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