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Title: Hipnosis como coadyuvante no farmacológico en el tratamiento del insomnio crónico
Author: Ramírez Mancha, María Luz
Tutor: Serrano Fernández, María José
Keywords: hypnosis
non pharmacologica
Issue Date: 26-May-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The present work aims to explore therapeutic intervention procedures based on hypnosis as a non-pharmacological adjuvant treatment in chronic insomnia, this being the most common sleep disorder. Systematic Reviews and meta-analysis have shown that hypnosis acts successfully as an adjunct to treatments, although the limitations found are due to the lack of specific bibliography. Motivation stems from the necessity to highlight the usefulness and efficiency of this technique. It also seeks to identify whether the level of suggestibility and the results obtained are related. Ased on the Valencia Model of Waking Hypnosis (VMWH) and Rapid Self-Hypnosis, an intervention design is proposed with a sample of 50 participants. As instruments, the Insomnia Severity Index and Barber Suggestibility Scale (Catalan adaptation) are applied. The procedure consists of 4 sessions where the participant is instructed in self-hypnosis including therapeutic suggestions and post-hypnotic instructions to apply on an outpatient basis. The novelty lies in the VMWH as a model of a dynamic hypnosis-waking, any prior state of relaxation is not required, and as the insomniac reports an excessive somatic tension when trying to sleep, with this tool they could cope with. It is expected to report determining results are to report, to a greater or lesser extent, a good level of efficiency that hypnosis presents in the attenuation or remission of insomnia symptoms, as it is a simple innocuous technique that rationalizes human, environmental, and economic resources.
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