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Title: Prototipo para mejorar la automatización de procesos en las infraestructuras en el sector del agua
Author: Miñarro Quiñonero, Juan Antonio
Tutor: Monzón Baeza, Víctor
Others: Monzo Sánchez, Carlos
Keywords: machine learning
Smart City
Smart Water
Issue Date: 13-Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Industry 4.0 integrates the solutions offered by smart cities or Smart Cities, which are cities that apply digitization and information and communication technologies (ICT), to provide services to their citizens in a more efficient and sustainable way. The objective of this work is to propose a solution proposal regarding telecommunication systems and application of automatic learning mechanisms in the infrastructures of the water sector. The different infrastructures and their characteristics will be described for their connectivity through telecommunications networks. It will be necessary to review the communication systems in these facilities. In this work, a solution is designed in the infrastructures of the water sector based on telecommunication networks and IoT and the application of machine learning algorithms. We will analyze different infrastructures of the integral water cycle to carry it out. The solution describes the architecture of the application networks and the necessary hardware. For the optimization and better management of resources in the infrastructures of the water sector.
Language: Spanish
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