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Title: Control de objetivos de visión de espectros visible e infrarrojo
Author: Diallo Lorente, Taslima
Tutor: López Antón, Aleix
Keywords: electronic products
vision targets
infrared cameras
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The starting point of the project stems from the idea of creating a product, for companies involved in the design and companies dedicated to the design and manufacture of infrared and visible cameras, which would visible cameras, which allows them to control the vision targets, without the need of having to having to develop a specific product for each lens. The basic features usually provided by a vision target are the ability to to change its field of view (to have magnification of the image) and the ability to focus to focus. Both of these features are usually provided by means of a drive mechanism of the rack-and-pinion type drive mechanism which, by means of direct current motors, allow the lens motors to move the objective lenses. The aim of this project is to create generic electronics for vision lenses for vision lenses and that, by means of configuration parameters, this electronic electronics can be adapted to any vision lens. The result of this development will be an electronic product consisting of an electronic board and embedded software electronic card and embedded software that would have the capacity to be flexible regardless of the target in question be flexible independently of the target in question.
Language: Spanish
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