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Title: Percepción de los cambios en la economía local de destinos rurales y la emergencia de la economía colaborativa de Airbnb: el caso de Enontekiö (Ártico Finlandés)
Author: Rivera García, Jorge  
Tutor: Wilson, Julie  
Keywords: Airbnb
collaborative economy
rural destinations
Issue Date: 28-Mar-2019
Abstract: Airbnb is the most prominent example of the collaborative economy in tourism. Its boom in recent years is only comparable to that of the implementation of the Internet itself in the sector. Most previous studies have focused on its impact on the urban hotel sector, leaving aside the rural environment. This paper analyzes this impact in an emerging rural destination such as Enontekiö, in the Finnish Arctic. The results show that there is an incipient positive relationship between the rise of Airbnb and the development of the tourism industry in a rural environment, by increasing the number of tourists as well as the supply and profitability of companies in the tourism subsector of activities and transport. In contrast to previous research findings in large metropolises and urban environments, in rural areas Airbnb competes with a higher quality hotel segment and the geographic dispersion of hotels reduces competition between hotels and Airbnb rentals.
Language: Spanish
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