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Title: Implementación de un prototipo de receptor para canal PDSCH de 5G NR sobre dispositivo comercial de bajo coste RTL-SDR
Author: Botran Fernandez, Xabier
Tutor: Monzon Baeza, Victor  
Abstract: In recent years, driven by the increase in the processing capacity of computers and the exponential growth in the number of mobile devices, the areas in which mobile services can be integrated have increased significantly. To satisfy the demands of these new technologies, the latest generation of mobile technology is currently being deployed. This latest generation of mobile networks, 5G, is the beginning of the development of digitization for the interconnection of society. Traditionally, when deploying a network of a mobile communications system, most of the equipment was hardware and proprietary, so the dependence on them was total. However, with the last generations, digital parts have been included up to the present day where technological advances have led to almost all communications being digital. In addition, in the face of the multitude of types of digital communications and advances, in recent years the use of SDR technology has spread as an alternative to enable the creation of interoperable wireless devices without the need for exclusive equipment necessary before. In addition, tools with this technology have begun to be commercialized that are cheaper than the first ones, but, on the contrary, without so much processing power. In this project, the latest available 5G news will be analyzed, with special emphasis on the physical layer and the most relevant projects in which 5G is being included will be studied. Next, evaluate the capabilities of SDR technology and its options to implement modules of a mobile communication system, in this particular case, a 5G receiver, will also. Finally, after the simulations to check the correct functioning of the prototype, a drive test will be carried out where the current penetration will be analyzed at the system level.
Keywords: RTL-SDR
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jan-2022
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