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Title: New forms of work
Author: Rimbau-Gilabert, Eva  
Pasamar Reyes, Susana
Citation: Rimbau-Gilabert, E. [Eva] & Pasamar, S.[Susana]. (2021). New Forms of Work en New Directions in the Future of Work (pp. 55-76). Emerald
Abstract: Technological, social and economic changes have given rise to new forms of work that coexist with more traditional and standard schemes, which are still predominant. Using the classification of the new forms of employment proposed by Eurofound (2015, 2020a) as a starting point, this chapter reviews them and discusses the challenges and opportunities that they may involve for employers and employees. Each of the new forms of work is firstly analysed. A strategic view is then taken to understand the changes that the diversification in the ways of working, as a whole, can bring about for human resource management. New ways of working add a high degree of complexity to organisational human resource architectures and human capital management.
Keywords: new forms of work
platform work
work ecosystems
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Issue Date: 5-Nov-2021
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