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Title: Table Toppings - engine for any tabletop game system
Author: Bermudo Bayo, Miguel
Arnedo-Moreno, Joan  
Duch, Jordi  
Abstract: This works main focus is to offer a modern a tridimensional solution to tabletop gaming, as well as to offer 3D developers the chance to share their talents with the tabletop community as a whole. Multitude of systems already exist but they do lack the power of 3D environments like what unity offers as well as being incompatible for mobile devices. some of them do offer their communities the chance to build upon what they have already developed, but the assets for these types of games are so widespread (as they are basically pngs) that you do not see any market for them. Therefore, I envisioned TableToppings, this tool aspires to offer a 3D tabletop gaming environment via a server-client architecture, to help players get more immersed in their stories. You can customize the games feel and experience in any way you want by using our API (in development). functions that try to cover basically all the functionality you could want. The engine integrates a scene creator where you can develop either 2D (WIP) or 3d environments to play your games. For now, it¿s planned to support terrain detailing, texture painting, terrain elevation and a Liquid layer, the latter being already fully supported, the roadmap also contemplates volumetric fog. There is also the fact that the system has been developed with headless hosting in mind, this means that any player with a decent enough computer could be able to host several clients without much issue. But in case they want 100% uptime, they could just use our own platform for hosting (this is also in our roadmap) I¿ve decided to use GO which is a low-level oriented language focused on threading, to be able to increase the performance of the server, by using GO every client has a dedicated TCP socket for themselves, making it very optimized for large number of them. Finally, since the main client is developed in Unity, we can develop a multi-platform system, so a scenario where players could be connected via IOS, Andoroid, Windows, Linux, and Mac, could be a reality.
Keywords: TCP
multi-platform )
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2022
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