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Title: La reinterpretación creativa de la identidad española en Campofrío
Author: Pérez Polo, Alejandro
Tutor: Freire Sánchez, Alfonso
Keywords: nacionalism
Issue Date: 7-Feb-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Campofrío has achieved a great impact among the Spanish population through its Christmas campaigns. The advertisements created under the slogan Que nada ni nadie nos quitarnos nuestra manera de disfrutar de la vida (Let nothing and no one take away our way of enjoying life) have creatively reinterpreted the Spanish national identity using resources of humour, emotional insights, allusions to secular-liberal mythology, as well as theories of nationalism and discourse to position the brand and its product as one more national consensus among the rest of the available consensuses. This paper is based on the qualitative study of the advertisements El Curriculum de Todos (2012), Hazte Extranjero (2013), Bombería (2014) and Hijos del Entendimiento (2016) to analyse the national narrative used in the Christmas campaigns, with the aim of unravelling which aspects Campofrío has selected to elaborate its idea of Spain and to find out in which tradition it has inscribed itself. Campofrío has managed to overcome the obstacles of a problematic nation such as Spain's in order to create a particular national narrative with the capacity for transversalisation thanks to the identification of identity elements that make up a common Spanish imaginary (such as the pain of the homeland, commiseration, irony or strong passions) and to resort to the tools of populist discourse, more typical of the political universe than that of advertising. In this way, Campofrío has made social groups visible (those affected by the mortgage, iaioflautas, those affected by preferential rates¿) in order to speak in the name of a national us and to give itself the legitimacy to dispute the universal of the nation, with great effectiveness for its brand value and the sale of its products.
Language: Spanish
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