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Title: L'efecte de la COVID-19 en el vincle emissor-executor freelance d'esdeveniments institucionals i corporatius
Author: Sánchez-Castro Bonfill, Clara
Tutor: López Arroyo, Aina
Others: Estanyol, Elisenda  
Keywords: COVID-19
freelance events
social habilities
Issue Date: 16-Jan-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The aim of this dissertation is to explore the relationship between the transmitter and the freelance executor in the creation and execution phase of corporate and institutional events in Catalonia during the toughest stage of the pandemic march 2020/ march 2021 . The specific objectives of this research are the following: Firstly, to analyze the part freelance professionals in the event sector external executors played in the transmitter/executor relationship during this period of time. Secondly, to understand the emotional link between the transmitter and executor. Third, to predict how it can influence future decision-making processes during uncertain times such as the health crisis. Lastly, to analyze how COVID-19 has affected the way of communicating between them on a professional and personal level. This research's design has a qualitative approach. The sample consists of five self-managed corporate events with a partial sub-management through external freelance experts that have taken place within the chosen context. The system followed for the collection and analysis of data is the following: 10 in-depth interviews to 5 transmitters and 5 executors. In addition, it has been taken into account that the transmitters who were interviewed were representative of the different types of companies and entities that are usually ¿promoting subjects of events companies, foundations and public institutions. The results prove the strength of the trust bond between the transmitter and freelance executor of corporate and institutional events in Catalonia, a field that has not been widely explored, and how this mutual relationship of loyalty is key during this pandemic because it gives the executor enough power to be able to act as a kick-start and at the same time as an innovative agent towards the transmitter, who pays attention and listens to advise, precisely because of this already-existing bond between them that is reinforced during this time of health crisis. The results also prove that, thanks to this experience in extreme conditions, the transmitters have a different outlook towards the realization of future events.
Language: Catalan
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