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Title: Sagunto y el Tratado del Ebro como desencadenantes de la Segunda Guerra Púnica: entre el mito y la realidad
Author: Asín Alonso, Ignacio Javier
Tutor: Morera Camprubi, Jordi  
Abstract: The study of the causes that gave rise to the Second Punic War has originated,since the Antiquity, an abundant bibliography, in which different currents havebeen distinguished, depending on their different interpretation of the facts andthe part of the conflict to which they make the war responsible. In most of theseworks, the Ebro Treaty, between Hasdrubal and Rome (226 B.C.), and thesiege and conquest of Sagunto by Hannibal in 220 B.C. have played afundamental role. In the present paper we intend to analyze the importance ofthese two elements, within the set of factors and causes that led to the outbreakof war, and to determine whether or not they had the decisive characterattributed to them by traditional historiography
Keywords: Carthage
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jan-2022
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