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Title: L'etiqueta 'LGTBIQ+' a la literatura: visibilitza o estigmatitza?
Author: Salomó Sentís, Anna
Tutor: Pastor Villa, Javier
Abstract: Cataloging a work according to its literary genre is part of the daily routine of the publishing process. In this sense, we speak of LGTBIQ+ literature (an acronym that stands for lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, intersex and queer) when the main plot revolves around the sexual identity or orientation of the protagonist, when the work presents relevant characters who are part of the collective, or when the author speaks openly about his or her sexual orientation. As a result of this approach, the debate arises as to whether the LGTBIQ+ hashtag is necessary in literature to promote it, and it is questioned whether it favors visibility to the collective or whether, on the contrary, it stigmatizes and restricts these works. In order to analyze these aspects, several authors and experts in the publishing sector were interviewed and gave their opinion on the concept of LGTBIQ+ literature. At the same time, four cases of publishing houses in Catalonia (Ediciones del Periscopio, Rayo Verd, Bellaterra Ediciones and Ángulo Editorial) that include works with LGTBIQ+ content in their catalog were studied to show how they resolve this issue with their publications. What becomes evident with this work is that the hashtag is necessary to make the collective visible and normalize sexual diversity from literature, and that the editorial decision arises from the evaluation of each publication according to the public to which it is addressed and the message it wants to give.
Keywords: LGTBIQ+ literature
publishing promotion
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jan-2022
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