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Title: The strategy applied to Public Relations in the digital environment: the Spanish case
Author: Compte Pujol, Marc
Cuenca Fontbona, Joan
Zeler, Ileana
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Universidad Ramon Llull
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Keywords: cyberspace
corporate communication
digital communication
strategic planning
public relations
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2022
Publisher: Revista Latina de Comunicación Social
Citation: Cuenca-Fontbona , J., Compte-Pujol, M., & Zeler, I. (2022). La estrategia aplicada a las relaciones públicas en el medio digital: El caso español . Revista Latina De Comunicación Social, (80), 163-182.
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Abstract: Introduction: The purpose of this article is to find out if the communication departments of the Spa-nish companies with the highest turnover strategically plan the public relations (PR) activity in the digital environment; what the typology and the communicative orientation of the plans that they design are; and which the most used tools in the digital ecosystem are. Methodology: To do this, we sent a questionnaire to the functional communication managers of these types of companies and that are members of the Spanish Association of Directors of Communication-Dircom. Results: Based on the strategic decision-making model of John Marston (1963) and considering PR as an independent and strategic managerial function (Grunig and Hunt, 2003) we have verified that most of the PR plans of Spanish companies in the digital environment have been strategically designed. Discussion: These data contrast with several studies carried out in recent years at a professional level, which indicated that the management of PR in the digital environment was raised tactically and with short-term objec-tives. Conclusions: We confirm a trend towards professionalization of the strategic management of PR in cyberspace, but we also point out that there are aspects of applied strategic thinking that should be improved, such as the use of other types of programs, beyond those that they seek notoriety and beyond the informative function, and the use of new digital tools.
Language: English
ISSN: 1138-5820MIAR
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