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Title: Relaciones públicas empresariales: "BUSINESS P.R. FUNNEL". Cómo persuadir a los públicos en la sociedad de la información
Author: Barquero Cabrero, José Daniel
Director: Delgado García, Ana María
Oliver Cuello, Rafael
Keywords: public relations
Issue Date: 30-Apr-2021
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The profession of Public Relations is based on an art applied to social and economic science that will be 100 years old in the year 2023, and which was pioneered by Prof. Dr. Edward Bernays Freud, advisor to the White House and Presidents of the United States, (with whom I worked). The profession of public relations focuses on interpreting and persuading audiences. In this research, we present the creation of a new model of understanding, interpreting, and persuading, taking into account the new information technologies and demonstrating their effectiveness. After examining the background, in our own work and the work of others, on persuasion of the public, and based on our own experience accumulated over thirty years, we have laid the foundations for a new and original contribution involving the Business P.R. Funnel. This model is able to concentrate a strategically designed Public Relations Business Plan in a funnel, which uses the latest and most innovative technologies. We also explain the development of the model, and how, where, when, and why it is used so that it successfully leads to the desired persuasion of the public. The new form of public relations applies in the model we present, the Business P.R. Funnel, as a new strategy for public relations and for the control and persuasion of social behaviour that is so important to organizations. New technologies, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, cloud computing and big data must be some of the tools and instruments used by public relations professionals. The above is not only a tool for us, but also a tool for constant connection by audiences. The individual has embarked on an excessive and effective means, not only of communicating, but also of obtaining information. The Business P.R. Funnel will ensure the status of the power that persuading the public represents, with the public obtaining one benefit and the persuader another, achieving their mutual interests on a scientific basis and using first-rate technological tools.
Language: Spanish
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