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Title: Imaginación tecnológica e ideología de la innovación
Other Titles: Technological imagination and innovation ideology
Author: Aibar Puentes, Eduard
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Keywords: ideology of innovation
technological determinism
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Artnodes
Citation: Aibar, Eduard. Technological Imagination and Innovation Ideology. Artnodes, 2022, Num. 29, pp. 1-9, doi:10.7238/artnodes.v0i29.393017
Published in: 29
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Abstract: The link between technology and imagination is at least double. On the one hand, the design and creation of technical items always begin with deliberate acts of imagination, radical to a greater or lesser extent, in which different ways of making something new are conceived along with new practices or goals hitherto unthinkable. On the other hand, technologies available in a society model and condition the limits of what is imaginable to a great extent. However, contemporary imagination surrounding technology is going through a particular phase in its relationship with the future. On the one hand is the artistic recreation of the future linked to technology, both in film and in literature, which mostly paints a picture of dystopia or catastrophe in which the only escape is to flee the planet when it is on the brink of collapse. In contrast, outside of art and fiction, ways of thinking about technology and imagining its relationship with mankind or life have long since been taken up with the ideology of innovation. It is precisely this ideology that we will explore in this article, along with some of its key aspects, its links to other schools of thought, concepts or doctrines: from the so-called Californian ideology forged around the internet to neoliberalism and the discourse around entrepreneurship. We will analyze how the focus on innovation hugely restricts our view of technology and drastically impoverishes the human experience of the technical. We will also study how technological determinism, solutionism or the linear vision of technological development - key components of the ideology of innovation - are insurmountable obstacles to building ecologies of radical imagination surrounding technology in which new forms of social transformation may also be anchored.
Language: Spanish
ISSN: 1695-5951MIAR
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