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Title: Enfrente de los pisos
Author: Herreros Suárez, Esteban
Tutor: Arnedo-Moreno, Joan  
Others: Tejedor Navarro, Heliodoro  
Abstract: The purpose of this project is to develop a complete video game, starting from scratch and creating all its elements. In it, we will control a prisoner in a minimum security prison, whose objective will be to escape. To do this, he must devise an escape plan and carry it out using what he finds around him, as well as talking to the rest of his companion and guards to get information. The result will be a 2D graphic adventure, with a top down view and pixel art style, where it is necessary to find out when, where and what objects must be used or combined to achieve freedom. As in any prison, there is a very strict timetable and, every second in real life corresponds to a minute in the game, so every so often there will be a change of scenery, passing for example from the cell to the dining room at lunch time. This adds a cyclical behavior and provides dynamism, since the player requires a certain dexterity to carry out the tasks in the stipulated time. Also, in some moments it will be necessary to avoid the guards to avoid being detected while achieving some goal, so there are also some stealth touches. An agile methodology will be used for the development, dividing the work into small sections and carrying out the necessary tests on each of them.
Keywords: video games
design and programming
adventure games
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2022
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