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Title: Plataforma IoT basada en FIWARE con cuadro de mandos integral y Business Intelligence para una Smart City
Author: Martínez Fajardo, Ismael
Tutor: Andrés Sanz, Humberto
Keywords: Internet of things
smart cities
business intelligence
balanced scorecard
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Smart cities are those that use the potential of technology and innovation with the aim of generating well-being for citizens, while promoting sustainable development and better use of available resources. In this effort, the networks of sensors and actuators - the Internet of Things - are the ideal means to capture the information that allows generating the necessary knowledge to adopt policies or actions that help to achieve this challenge. But the data captured by itself and in isolation does not have much value. It is about being able to observe them in a certain context, in combination with other categories of data or simply being able to compare them with sets of performance indicators that have been previously established to know if certain objectives are achieved. This work deals with the creation of a comprehensive platform that addresses this problem from the beginning, that is, the data capture itself, passing through its historical storage, transformation and exposure to the user in the form of knowledge. All development has been built on the basis of Open Source tools, with the FIWARE platform as the central core of IoT management and with Grafana and LinceBI as Dashboard and BI analytics solutions, respectively. The following document is a self-descriptive manual for the integration of elements and technologies, directly applicable with minor modifications to any scenario of a modern Smart City.
Language: Spanish
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