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Title: Nutrició en la malaltia diverticular: una nova visió en el tractament
Author: Montsant Riera, Mireia
Tutor: Brugnara, Laura  
Keywords: diverticular disease
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Diverticular disease is one of the most common diseases in the Western world, where two-thirds of its population develop the disease before the age of 85. In 1971, Painter and Burkit hypothesized that diverticulas may be caused by a deficiency of fiber and an increase in dietary fat. Studies and systematic reviews of the disease have been conducted over the years, but there is still no consensus on their treatment. The aim of this literature review is to review the published scientific evidence on fiber as a treatment for diverticular disease and to be able to define a line of treatment and prevention based on a high-fiber diet, and to generate new research questions. A literature review was performed by consulting the Pubmed, SCOPUS, Cochrane Library and FSTA databases of articles published between 2011 and 2021, and excluding systematic reviews. Finally, 22 items were selected. The articles reviewed have allowed us to determine that fiber is a good treatment option for diverticular disease and to prevent its complications and recurrences. However, there are still more studies that are high impact.
Language: Catalan
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