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Title: Propuesta de evaluación e intervención en un caso de Afasia de Broca
Author: Feijóo Quintas, Susana
Tutor: García Fernández, Juan Luis
Keywords: cerebrovascular accident
neuropsychological rehabilitation
neuropsychological assessment
acquired brain damage
Broca's aphasia
left middle cerebral artery
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The present work deals with the case of a 65-year-old male patient who has suffered a Cerebrovascular Accident of the Left Middle Cerebral Artery causing a series of deficits, among which is a Broca's Aphasia. Broca's aphasia is a severe language impairment characterized by serious difficulties in expression, with non-fluent and ungrammatical speech. However, those patients with this type of aphasia relatively retain oral and written comprehension skills. The neuropsychological assessment revealed linguistic disturbances in expression, repetition and reading, as well as attentional and executive difficulties. In the emotional and behavioral sphere, a wide range of depressive and anxious symptoms are manifested. A coordinated neuropsychological intervention is proposed with speech therapy area and through a multidisciplinary approach aimed at the recovery of expressive language, autonomy and quality of life at the premorbid level, as well as the improvement of affected cognitive functions and the stimulation of preserved abilities. The program consists of two weekly one-hour sessions over a period of six months. The intervention includes cognitive stimulation, compensatory strategies and technical aids, psychoeducation, emotional support and family intervention. After the intervention, significant improvements are expected at a cognitive level, especially in language, emotional, behavioral and functional levels, as well as in the autonomy and quality of life of the patient.
Language: Spanish
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