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Title: El rol de la tutoria escolar, la incidència del capital cultural i econòmic, i de la implicació familiar de l'alumnat atès en el Departament d'Orientació d'un institut públic de Barcelona: Un estudi de cas del nivell de 2n d'ESO
Author: Martínez Pons, Marc
Tutor: Vallduriola Calbó, Núria
Keywords: educational guidance
cultural and economic capital
family involvement
role of the school guardian
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Guidance is the set of actions aimed at helping people, in this case the students, to make decisions about their lives (in the personal, social and students, to make decisions about their lives (in the personal, social, educational and vocational spheres) and to implement these decisions (Martínez-Muñoz i Arnau, 2015). Guidance can also deal with the individual dimension of each student and contribute to his or her emotional well-being, personality development and coping with the challenges he or she faces on a daily basis in his or her relationship with him or herself and with others. The Educational Guidance Department is one of the agents that can assume this task in coordination with other educational agents (Royal Decree 83/1996). This work analyzes the incidence of factors such as cultural and economic capital and family economic capital and family involvement in the fact of being attended (or not) by the Guidance Department of an Institute of the city of Barcelona; as well as it studies if the figure of the school tutor is determinant to avoid the demand of attention to the Guidance Department. The research, which is framed in a quantitative methodological design, shows that there is no positive or negative relationship between the factors of cultural capital, economic capital and family involvement with the fact of receiving support from the Guidance Department; nor is the role of the tutor a key factor in avoiding the demand for attention to the Guidance Department. However, it has been shown that the grade is one of the variables that most influences the profile of attention from the Guidance Department. In this sense, it is interesting to add that the academic grade also correlates positively with the factors of cultural capital, family involvement and the role of the school tutor.
Language: Catalan
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