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Title: No-catalanoparlants a Catalunya: identitats socials, desigualtats i llengua catalana
Author: Massaguer Comes, Marina  
Director: Puigdevall-Serralvo, Maite  
Pujolar, Joan  
Keywords: sociolinguistics
non-Catalan speakers
Issue Date: 30-Nov-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In this dissertation, I analyse the positioning of different profiles of non-Catalan-speaking people towards the sociolinguistic dynamics of Catalonia. Specifically, I show how their life trajectories affect their relationship with the Catalan language; how these speakers create representations of Catalan sociolinguistic dynamics based on their own ideological frameworks; how they circulate within these dynamics without speaking Catalan; and how they perceive the social categories in which language, national identification and socioeconomic status are linked. The objective was to elucidate how individuals who do not speak Catalan understand and negotiate their place in the sociolinguistic dynamics of Catalonia, how they relate to the Catalan language as the main symbol of Catalan identity, and what consequences are derived from these processes.
Language: Catalan
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