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Title: Application of the United Nations Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes: The Case of West Papua
Author: Tandamat, Neles
Tutor: Tollefsen, Trond Ove  
Others: Rajmil, Daniel  
Keywords: West Papua
atrocity crimes
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2022
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: This thesis explores whether the Indonesian government's treatment of the West Papuan people satisfies the UN Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes. This work consists of two main parts; First, there was a review of the current literature on the treatment of the people of West Papua by the government of Indonesia since 1963. Secondly, the information gathered was sorted across the 14 human rights risk factors of the UN Framework and analyzed according to the 143 indicators of the Framework. The study found that; (1) West Papua’s integration into Indonesia was illegal, the UN applied a non-existent law to transfer West Papua from the Netherlands to Indonesia via the United Nations, (2) Indonesia and West Papua developed their nationalism separately, and that West Papuans’ struggle for self-determination remains an unfinished business of decolonization, and (3) Indonesia’s declaration of Operations Trikora in 1961 and subsequent imposition of martial law in 1965 designing West Papua as a special military operations zone was an ‘intent’ to destroy in whole or in part the West Papuan people, thus, fulfilled the ‘intent’ aspect of the 1948 Genocide Convention. The findings are convincing enough to establish that Indonesia is guilty of committing atrocity crimes against the people of West Papua. Thus, the international community is morally responsible for assisting the West Papua people under Pillar III of the R2P principle.
Language: English
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