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Title: Derechos culturales y equipamientos. Análisis de los equipamientos culturales de Zarautz desde la perspectiva de los derechos culturales de su ciudadanía
Author: Alkorta Gesalaga, Joseba
Tutor: Pascual Ruiz, Jordi
Keywords: cultural policies
cultural facilities
cultural rights
Issue Date: Apr-2023
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The research studies the relationship between cultural rights and facilities. Focused on Zarautz, it examines to what extent the cultural facilities of the town guarantee the cultural rights of the citizens. The method of analysis is carried out through a descriptive approach, firstly by means of a documentary through a documentary review of academic bibliography and fundamental documents on the documents that deal with cultural rights, such as the Fribourg Declaration on Cultural Rights (Fribourg Declaration on Cultural Rights) and the Fribourg Declaration on Cultural Rights (Fribourg Group, 2007), Culture 21 Actions (UCLG, 2015) or General Comment 21 (UN, 2009). Subsequently, a field research with in-depth interviews with the people in charge of culture in the City Council of the City Council as well as users of these facilities. Likewise, we also carried out non-participant observations by the researcher in these spaces in order to analyze to analyze issues related to participation, equity, diversity and governance by citizens. The results show that there is an effort to promote access to culture through these facilities, but in a different way where the citizenship is taken as a mere as a mere consumer, showing deficiencies in the production and contribution to the cultural life of the locality. Active participation is fundamentally is promoted through the cultural associations, who develop their activities in watertight compartments a reflection of a fragmented social structure that marks the locality by means of behaviors locality by means of behaviors that mark an inside and an outside, an "us" and a "them", benefiting little the and a them, with little benefit to the impulse of a living culture of the locality that lacks the nourishment of hybridizations. There is no governance on the part of the the population, being the City Council the one that mainly directs and controls the cultural agenda of the municipality. We conclude by affirming that there is still a lot of work to be done to guarantee the cultural rights of citizens in the cultural facilities of Zarautz.
Language: Spanish
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