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Title: Ciència i societat: el cinema de ciència-ficció com a verbalització dels reptes tecnocientífics
Author: Medina Martínez, Aitana
Tutor: Llorca García, Cristina
Keywords: scientific communication
mass media
science fiction
Issue Date: Jun-2023
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Science and technology are seen by today’s Western society, since the dawn of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, as tools for progress and well-being, and therefore enjoy both the admiration and respect of the public, who generally consider them neutral and objective, beneficial, and apparently separated from social events. Its development, however, has brought some advances, both scientific and technological, to unsuspected or even unusual heights, giving rise to moral, ethical or philosophical challenges and controversies that can generate anxiety but can also be difficult to verbalize or debate in the fields of information and scientific dissemination, whose intention is to inform. Science fiction cinema, however, can and does make use of its narrative capacity and its recourse to fiction to shape this challenges and controversies, bringing them to the general public, beyond the purely scientific or informative areas, and making you reflect on them. In this way, science fiction becomes a critical tool that explores the possible challenges arising from technoscientific progress, whether these are of a social or philosophical nature. It is the objective of this work to analyze how science fiction cinema expresses these possible challenges and through which themes it does so, while comparing it with the vision of science that emerges from the media.
Language: Catalan
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