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Title: Efectos de la comunicación emocional del asistente con personas con diversidad funcional. Trabajo de investigación alumno UOC Practicum I. Estudio cualitativo del personal especializado y con diferente experiencia en relación a la comunicación emocional en la atención en centros especializados y su repercusión en la atención.
Author: Orús Martínez, Angel D.
Peña Ramos, Marta
Selva, Clara  
Abstract: Improvements in assistance centers and support programs for people with functional diversity are numerous. In any organization working with disadvantaged people, communication is functionally indispensable. However, there is little or no literature about emotional communication. The target is to know, if it exists, how is the emotional communication between assistants and people with functional diversity in specialized centers. Starting from the different theories involved in the subjet: communication theory, health care, service organization, emotional intelligence and humanistic vision. From a qualitative approach this is an exploratory work that serves to know how is this emotional communication in the centers for elderly and disabled people. Thanks to different interviews to several professionals and a volunteer are discovered their environments and the people. This research is designed with a simplified coding with five categories that contextualize, deepen and answer the question of how is the emotional communication. This is from the point of view of these three women and one volunteer. A subjective analysis of the categories obtained is carried out in order to reach conclusions in accordance or not with the objectives. The results obtained seems to indicate that there is a rich emotional communication in these environments. But, this communication is unequal due to the influence of the degree of disability and the type of free or restrictive organization. A certain organizational freedom that allows the professionals to have time for a more personal relation and a not severe disability are described in the interviews and analyzed after coding are favorable to a rich emotional communication. On the other hand, we do not know if this same emotional communication is possible in higher degrees of disability.
Keywords: emotional communication
intellectual disability
functional diversity
Type: info:eu-repo/semantics/bachelorThesis
Issue Date: 11-Jun-2023
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