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Title: Protecting privacy in trajectories with a user-centric approach
Author: Romero-Tris, Cristina  
Megias, David  
Citation: Romero-Tris, C. [Cristina], Megías, D. [David] (2018). Protecting privacy in trajectories with a user-centric approach. ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, 12(6), 1-27. doi: 10.1145/3233185
Abstract: The increased use of location-aware devices, such as smartphones, generates a large amount of trajectory data. These data can be useful in several domains, like marketing, path modeling, localization of an epidemic focus, etc. Nevertheless, since trajectory information contains personal mobility data, improper use or publication of trajectory data can threaten users’ privacy. It may reveal sensitive details like habits of behavior, religious beliefs, and sexual preferences. „erefore, many users might be unwilling to share their trajectory data without a previous anonymization process. Currently, several proposals to address this problem can be found in the literature. „ese solutions focus on anonymizing data before its publication, i.e., when they are already stored in the server database. Nevertheless, we argue that this approach gives the user no control about the information she shares. For this reason, we propose anonymizing data in the users’ mobile devices, before they are sent to a third party. This paper extends our previous work which was, to the best of our knowledge, the ÿrst one to anonymize data at the client side, allowing users to select the amount and accuracy of shared data. In this paper, we describe an improved version of the protocol, and we include the implementation together with an analysis of the results obtained after the simulation with real trajectory data.
Keywords: trajectory anonymization
user-centric protocol
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Issue Date: 2-Oct-2018
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