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Title: Watch Me - Aplicación de la tecnología de análisis de datos a la atención sanitaria desde una perspectiva especulativa: investigación, diseño y retos.
Author: Miquel Pacheco, Sandra
Director: Virgili Gomà, Jordi
Tutor: Mor Pera, Enric
Abstract: Prevention in healthcare is an important topic, at an individual level, it improves people's quality of life, as well as socially, it helps reduce hospitalizations and reduce medical expenses. The present work, from a speculative approach and hypothesizing a scenario where primary health care uses data analysis technology and its use is mandatory by the entire population, focuses on the research and analysis of the challenges of the application of this type of technology in healthcare, and in the design of an app, WatchMe, where the user will be able to analyse their biometric parameters and, based on data analysis technology, the system will manage medical appointments, medical tests and recommend health guidelines. To carry out the work, methods and techniques of User-Centered Design have been used, in the research phase, to understand the current situation, challenges and to know the user needs, and in the design and evaluation phase. According to what have been investigated, it would be plausible in the short term for the primary health prevention system to use data analysis technology to analyse biometric parameters and, through apps such as WatchMe, facilitate monitoring and management by the population. But primary care could not be based solely on data yet, and its use cannot be mandatory, but recommended, since there should be intervention by doctors and specialists, due to important challenges in the application of this technology, that have not yet been solved.
Keywords: Data analysis technology, usability, user centered design, healthcare
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2024
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