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2023-05-02Whole-brain diffusion tensor imaging predicts 6-month functional outcome in acute intracerebral haemorrhageSchwarz, G.; Kanber, B.; Prados, F.; Browning, S.; Simister, R.; Jäger, H.R.; Ambler, G.; Gandini Wheeler-Kingshott, Claudia A.M.; Werring, David
2023-02-16Utility of Telehealth Platforms Applied to Burns Management: A Systematic ReviewGarcía-Díaz, Antonio; Vilardell-Roig, Lluís; Novillo-Ortiz, David; Gacto-Sánchez, Mariano; Pereyra-Rodríguez, José-Juan; Saigí-Rubió, Francesc
2019-03-15Impact of an Online Training Program in Smoking Cessation Interventions in HospitalsMartinez, Cristina; Castellano, Yolanda; Andrés, Ana; Fu, Marcela; Feliu, Ariadna; Antón, Laura; Ballbè, Montse; Fernández, Paz; Cabrera, Sandra; Riccobene, Ana; Gavilan, Eva; Baena, Antoni; Margalef, Mercè; Tigova, Olena; Quirós, Núria; Guillen, Olga; Company, Assumpta; Fernández, Esteve
2018-02-09Offenders become the victim in virtual reality: impact of changing perspective in domestic violenceSeinfeld, Sofia; Arroyo Palacios, Jorge; Iruretagoyena, G.; Hortensius, Ruud; Zapata, Luis E.; Borland, David; de Gelder, Beatrice; Slater, Mel; Sanchez-Vives, Maria
2012-06-02Virgin olive oil and nuts as key foods of the Mediterranean diet effects on inflammatory biomarkers related to atherosclerosisurpi, mireia; Casas, Rosa; Chiva-Blanch, Gemma; Romero-Mamani, Edwin Saúl; Valderas-Martínez, Palmira; Arranz, Sara; Andres-Lacueva, Cristina; llorach, rafael; Medina-Remón, Alexander; Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa M; Estruch Riba, Ramón
2016-06-22Microparticle shedding by erythrocytes, monocytes and vascular smooth muscular cells is reduced by aspirin in diabetic patientsChiva-Blanch, Gemma; Suades Soler, Rosa; Padro, Teresa; Vilahur, Gemma; Peña, Esther; Ybarra, Juan; Pou Torelló, José María; Badimon, Lina
2014-08-02Effects of alcohol and polyphenols from beer on atherosclerotic biomarkers in high cardiovascular risk men: A randomized feeding trialChiva-Blanch, Gemma; Magraner, Emma; Condines, Ximena; Valderas-Martinez, Palmira; ROTH, IRENE; Arranz, Sara; Casas, Rosa; Navarro, Marisa; Hervás, Alicia; Sisó Almirall, Antoni; Martínez-Huélamo, Miriam; Vallverdu-Queralt, Anna; Quifer Rada, Paola; Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa M; Estruch Riba, Ramón
2013-12-23The non-alcoholic fraction of beer increases stromal cell derived factor 1 and the number of circulating endothelial progenitor cells in high cardiovascular risk subjects: A randomized clinical trialChiva-Blanch, Gemma; Condines, Ximena; Magraner, Emma; ROTH, IRENE; Valderas-Martínez, Palmira; ARRANZ, SARA; Casas, Rosa; Martínez-Huélamo, Miriam; Vallverdu-Queralt, Anna; Quifer Rada, Paola; Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa M; Estruch Riba, Ramón
2012-09-05Effects of red wine polyphenols and alcohol on glucose metabolism and the lipid profile: A randomized clinical trialChiva-Blanch, Gemma; urpi, mireia; Ros, Emilio; llorach, rafael; Andres-Lacueva, Cristina; Estruch Riba, Ramón; Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa M; Valderas-Martinez, Palmira; Casas, Rosa; Arranz, Sara; Marisa, Guillén
2011-02-04Determination of resveratrol and piceid in beer matrices by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometryChiva-Blanch, Gemma; urpi, mireia; Rotches-Ribalta, Maria; Zamora-Ros, Raul; llorach, rafael; Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa M; Estruch Riba, Ramón; Andres-Lacueva, Cristina
2019-10-02Prefronto-cerebellar neuromodulation affects appetite in obesityMarron, Elena M; Viejo-Sobera, Raquel; Cuatrecasas Cambra, Guillem; Redolar-Ripoll, Diego; Garcia-Lorda, Pilar; Datta, Abhishek; Bikson, Marom; Magerowski, Greta; Alonso-Alonso, Miguel
2012-09-01On the parallel deterioration of lexico-semantic processes in the bilinguals' two languages: evidence from Alzheimer's diseaseCosta, Albert; Calabria, Marco; Marne, Paula; Hernández, Mireia; Juncadella, Montserrat; Gascon-Bayarri, Jordi; Lleó, Alberto; Ortiz-Gil, Jordi; UGAS, LIDIA; Blesa, Rafael; Reñé, Ramon
2020-06-19Cognitive Enhancement via Neuromodulation and Video Games: Synergistic Effects?Palaus, Marc; Viejo-Sobera, Raquel; Redolar-Ripoll, Diego; Marron, Elena M
2019Liquid biopsy of extracellular microvesicles maps coronary calcification and atherosclerotic plaque in asymptomatic patients with familial hypercholesterolemia. A computed tomographic angiography imaging studyChiva-Blanch, Gemma; Padro, Teresa; Alonso, Rodrigo; Crespo, Javier; Perez de Isla, Leopoldo; Mata, Pedro; Badimon, Lina
2017-09-02The role of chronic physical exercise and selective attention at encoding on implicit and explicit memoryPadilla, Concepcion; Mayas, Julia; Ballesteros, Soledad; Andres, Pilar
2021-09-02Metabolite Signature of Alzheimer's Disease in Adults with Down SyndromeMontal, Victor; Barroeta, Isabel; Bejanin, Alexandre; Pegueroles, Jordi; Carmona Iragui, Maria; ALTUNA-AZKARGORTA, MIREN; Benejam, Bessy; Videla Toro, Laura; Fernández, Susana; Padilla, Concepcion; Aranha, Mateus; Iulita, M. Florencia; Vidal-Piñeiro, Didac; Alcolea, Daniel; Blesa, Rafael; Lleó, Alberto; Fortea, Juan; Down Alzheimer Barcelona Neuroimaging Initiative
2007Language impairments in sign language: breakthroughs and puzzlesMorgan, Gary; Herman, Ros; Woll, Bencie
2007-09The first signs of language: phonological development in British sign languageMorgan, Gary; Barrett-Jones, Sarah; Stoneham, Helen
2008The onset and mastery of spatial language in children acquiring British Sign LanguageMorgan, Gary; Herman, Ros; Barriere, Isabelle; Woll, Bencie
2002The development of complex verb constructions in British Sign LanguageMorgan, Gary; Herman, Ros; Woll, Bencie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 375