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dc.contributor.authorAlmudever Larrodé, Germán-
dc.contributor.otherUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya-
dc.description.abstractInsecurity constitutes some of the major problem facing our immediate society today. Home security is necessary nowadays as the possibilities of intrusion are increasing in the last years. The security systems have changed a lot from the last century and will be changing in coming years because the embedded systems. The purpose of this Bachelor Thesis is design and implementation of a microcontroller based home security system with GPRS technology. Furthermore, the main goal is to develop a prototype that incorporates the common parameters or characteristics of home security system: 24 hours monitoring of the intruder, ease of use, reliability, efficient, fast and precise notification system. The proposed system is controlled by an ARM microcontroller. The software implementation relies on open source frameworks, and it is written in the C programming language. In addition, the hardware of the system contains two sensors to protect the perimeter and interior area, a Magnetic Contact (CM) and a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor. Also, system's interface is constituted by a keypad and two status LEDs that provide feedback on system's state and user's actions. In case of alarm, the system will send a text message by the GPRS communicator to a programmed number to take necessary actions. The design of the system was achieved by considering some factors such as efficiency, compatibility and portability and also durability. At last, the results of the practical circuit show the proper functions and also verify the reliable security.en
dc.description.abstractEn aquest treball fi de grau es desenvolupa un sistema de seguretat domèstic dissenyat per a la protecció d'una vivenda o petit negoci, amb la finalitat que ens permeti la detecció davant d'una intrusió i la seva notificació mitjançant l'enviament d'SMS als usuaris
dc.description.abstractEn este trabajo fin de grado se desarrolla un sistema de seguridad doméstico diseñado para la protección de una vivienda o pequeño negocio, con el fin de que nos permita la detección ante una intrusión y su notificación mediante el envío de SMS a los usuarios
dc.publisherUniversitat Oberta de Catalunya-
dc.subjectsistemes incrustatsca
dc.subjectsistemas embebidoses
dc.subjectembedded systemsen
dc.subject.lcshEmbedded computer systems -- TFGen
dc.titleImplementació d'un sistema de seguretat domèstic-
dc.audience.mediatorTheme areas::Computer Science, Technology and Multimedia::Telecommunication Technologies::Telecommunication Engineering in Telematicsen
dc.audience.educationlevelUniversity degreesen
dc.subject.lemacSistemes incrustats (Informàtica) -- TFGca
dc.subject.lcshesSistema insertado (Informática) -- TFGes
dc.contributor.tutorBécares Ferrés, Jordi-
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