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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-11-04ZigBee/ZigBee PRO security assessment based on compromised cryptographic keysRadmand, Pedram; Carlsen, Simon; Petersen, Stig; Talevski, Alex; Arnedo-Moreno, Joan; Singh, Jaipal; Domingo Prieto, Marc
2009-08-19A Security Framework for JXTA-OverlayArnedo-Moreno, Joan; Barolli, Leonard; XHAFA, FATOS; Matsuo, Keita
2010-09-14JXTA-Overlay P2P Platform and Its Application for Robot ControlXHAFA, FATOS; Arnedo-Moreno, Joan; Barolli, Leonard; Matsuo, Keita; Spaho, Evjola; Ogata, Yuichi
2013-03-26Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Frontiers of Information Systems and Network Applications (FINA-2013)Colomina Torregrosa, Ignacio; Arnedo-Moreno, Joan; Clarisó, Robert
2012-09-26jxSensor: a sensor network integration layer for JXTADomingo Prieto, Marc; Vilajosana, Xavier; Arnedo-Moreno, Joan
2012-09-05JXTA anonymity through a replicated message-based approachGarcía Domínguez, Àlex; Arnedo-Moreno, Joan; Domingo Prieto, Marc
2010-11-08VoIP: Making Secure Calls and Maintaining High Call QualityRadmand, Pedram; Singh, Jaipal; Domingo Prieto, Marc; Arnedo-Moreno, Joan; Talevski, Alex
2009-12-14Securing a Java P2P framework: The JXTA-Overlay caseArnedo-Moreno, Joan; Barolli, Leonard; Matsuo, Keita; XHAFA, FATOS
2009-08-19Experimental Results and Evaluation of SmartBox Stimulation Device in a P2P E-learning SystemArnedo-Moreno, Joan; XHAFA, FATOS; Matsuo, Keita; Barolli, Leonard
2011-09-06Lightweight security for JXME-proxied relay authenticationArnedo-Moreno, Joan; Domingo Prieto, Marc