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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-11-01Differences among online student profiles taking a break: factors for continuance intention and effective re-enrolment vs dropoutGrau Valldosera, Josep; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
2011-04Analyzing OpenCourseWare usage by means of social taggingMinguillón Alfonso, Julià; Conesa Caralt, Jordi
2016-07-05Analyzing non-linear video usage in an introductory x-MOOC about basic linear algebraTriay Pallicer, Juan Francisco; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Sancho Vinuesa, Teresa; Daza Fernández, Vanesa
2015-03Visualization of enrollment data using chord diagramsBlasco Soplon, Laia; Grau Valldosera, Josep; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià
2021-03Enrolling habits in higher education. What sources of information do students have and what are missing?Rivas Ridruejo, Noelia; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Chacón, Jonathan; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC); Elisava
2012-10Analyzing and supporting interaction in complex scenarios: the case of DS106Levine, Alan; Lamb, Brian; Groom, Jim; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià
2002-06-01Classifier combination for in vivo magnetic resonance spectra of brain tumoursGriffiths, John R.; Arús Caraltó, Carles; Tate, Anne Rosemary; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; University of London; University of Sussex
2012-01-15Preservation of Learning Objects in Digital RepositoriesBoté Vericad, Juan José; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià
2009-05Building an open social learning community around a Dspace repository on StatisticsLamb, Brian; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià; Córcoles Briongos, César Pablo
2013-02-01Anàlisi de freqüències de l'enquesta al professorat de la UOC. Informe preliminarAibar Puentes, Eduard; Lerga Felip, Maura; Lladós Masllorens, Josep; Meseguer Artola, Antoni; Minguillón Alfonso, Julià