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Title: A difícil inserção territorial das linhas elétricas de alta tensão: ferrovias, eletricidade e sistema de cidades no corredor fluvial do Noguera Pallaresa (Lleida)
Author: Alvarez-Palau, Eduard J.  
Gangolells Alseda, Berenguer
Hernández Asensi, Mireia
Keywords: settlements
population growth
Noguera Pallaresa
Issue Date: May-2013
Publisher: Geo Crítica
Abstract: Construction of new infrastructures tends to generate positive effects in served territories. However, this assumption does not hold for all cases. In this paper, we pretended to prove that a territory well-endowed with infrastructures could show low levels of development. To that end, we analysed settlements along the river corridor of Noguera Pallaresa (Lleida). In the early 20th century, dams and hydroelectric plants were projected to supply energy throughout Catalonia. In addition, a railway and a main road were built to improve the accessibility in the corridor. All this would have induced a strong local development. However, an abrupt topography, a poorly focused infrastructural planning and the will of saving costs in building networks, were just some of the causes that limited economic and population growth.
Description: Peer-reviewed
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