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Title: L'auptòsia psicològica en l'homicidi d'autor desconegut (el vincle víctima-victimari: la rellevància del perfil victimològic per confeccionar el perfil criminal de l'homicida desconegut)
Author: Moré Rodríguez, Rubén
Tutor: Fernández Alejo, Carolina
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Balcells, Marc  
Keywords: forensic victimology
criminal psychology
victimological profile
criminal profiling
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: Historically, most of the research on Criminal Investigation has focused on the offender ant the iter criminis in detriment of the study of the victim and the iter victimae. However, in response to the rise of the Forensic Victimology, the Criminal Psychology in the field of the Criminal Profiling has taken more attention to Victimological Profile, which constitutes the comprehensive study in retrospective terms of all available information from the victim, in this case non survivor and murdered by an unknown author, by reconstructing their personality traits and other related features through their immediate environment and from there travel to their life story and the prior moments to their death. This technique is used by the Criminal Profile as it is one of their methodologies, such as by the Psychological Autopsy that can be understood as an indirect method of profiling. The crime is the encounter between the victim and the perpetrator becoming such a sort of link between both of them. In response to this bond, the basic premise on which is based the Victimological Profile is that knowing the victim can be known their perpetrator because of their behavioral evidence in the crime scene. Despite its potential and progress, there are limits that have not been achieved as well as an insufficient level of use, number of studies and research in order to measure their practice accuracy.
Language: Catalan
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