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Title: Identidad corporativa de la ONG Wosen Yelesh
Author: Calvo Martínez, Patricia
Tutor: Báscones Navarro, Pere
Others: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Vila Òdena, Irma
Keywords: corporate identity
graphic design
brand image
Issue Date: 18-Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Abstract: The main purpose of this project is to create the corporate visual image of the NGO Wosen Yelesh. The visual image of the organization is a key element for its recognition as an entity, therefore a manual of corporate identity will also be created with the visual image of the NGO and its different applications. Creating an identifying logo is essential since it is a gateway to transmit their values and what they defend. It has to be able to reach the consumer and that he can identify the identity of the brand through the set of colors and graphic elements. It is very important that the logo is remembered after the user has seen it far the first time, so it is linked to the organization. For this it is essential that it has a unique, simple and original design so that there is no similarity with other organizations.
Language: Spanish
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