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Title: Anàlisi socioecològica i criminològica del consum de drogues al districte de Ciutat Vella: el cas dels Narcopisos
Author: Romero Seseña, Pablo
Tutor: Giménez Costa, José Antonio
Keywords: drug trafficking
drug use
the Raval
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: Since the beginning of the summer of last year, the neighborhood of Arrabal de Barcelona, ¿¿and other points of the Ciutat Vella district of this city, sell suffering the consequences of a phenomenon that has been baptized with the name of "Narcopipes". Consisting in the illegal occupation of uninhabited flats to dedicate them to the substance menu, these are associated with a relevant thickness of conflicts and pro-criminal phenomenology that generates an unsustainable situation for the neighbors. In this research, the scientific methodology of the criminological field is applied to try to determine what are the factors that generate this problem, how they interact, and what is done to solve it. Sources have been used from all the actors involved in the conflict, and both descriptive and quantitative tools of the scope of the situation and the different approaches to it have been applied. Finally, and based on all the evidence collected and analyzed, a proposal of measures that must be taken into account for a potential solution and / or reduction of this problem is provided.
Language: Catalan
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