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Title: Visualizing key authenticity: turning your face into your public key
Author: Arnedo-Moreno, Joan  
Lapedriza, Agata  
Keywords: Authentication
image processing
Issue Date: 20-Oct-2010
Publisher: IEEE Press
Citation: Arnedo, J.;Lapedriza, À.. (2010). "Visualizing key authenticity: turning your face into your public key". A:.Proceedings of the 6th China International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology (Inscrypt 2010).Shanghai.IEEE Press . Pág. 605 - 618.
Abstract: Biometric information has become a technology complementary to cryptography, allowing to conveniently manage cryptographic data. Two important needs are ful lled: rst of all, making such data always readily available, and additionally, making its legitimate owner easily identi able. In this work we propose a signature system which integrates face recognition biometrics with and identity-based signature scheme, so the user's face e ectively becomes his public key and system ID. Thus, other users may verify messages using photos of the claimed sender, providing a reasonable trade-o between system security and usability, as well as a much more straightforward public key authenticity and distribution process.
Language: English
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