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Title: Sistema de referències pel món del lloguer d'habitatges de llarga duració
Author: Roig Mas, Bartolomé
Director: Caballé Llobet, Santi
Tutor: Grau Perisé, Albert
Keywords: web applications
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: All those who have rented a property or have lived in a rented house know the main problems of this type of exchange: non-payments, houses left in bad conditions, difficulties to get back the deposit, etc. Most of these situations derive from the lack of information about the involved persons before signing the letting agreement. This project was created to minimize this serious problem of distrust, proposing a simple solution to both landlords and tenants: a web platform with a references system where they can consult previous rental experiences from both parties, to contact previous landlords and tenants to verify the information, as well as to publish their offer or demand rental ads. Regarding the applied methodology, before starting the project, I made a detailed Planning of all the tasks (expressed in a Gantt Diagram). Then, during the development phase, I have followed an agile methodology, splitting the biggest milestones into smaller tasks, in order to be able to control the timing and reducing possible delays. As a result, we obtain a totally functional web platform, where all the features planned in the initial planning have been achieved. Developing an IT project from scratch is a very complex task, as we often tend to specialize in some of the areas. The main goal of this TFG was to overcome the difficulties that this implies, and I can say the objective has been successfully achieved and the way has helped me to learn new technologies, good practices and aptitudes.
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