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Title: Medical memory
Author: Prado Ortiz, José
Director: Garrigues Olivella, Carles
Tutor: Boltà Torrell, Helena
Keywords: mobile applications
medical history
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: It is control the health history of people belonging to the circle of the main user and its purpose is to have such control at any moment or any place. The application establishes a series of parameters whose link up is the identification number of the user with whom you are working, independently of the owner, who can also be established control as one more. Within the parameters established for this control, are the data of the doctors who interact with the active user, the registration of new users, storage of the active user's reports, and other data that are important when establishing a medical record. The application has been baptized with the name "Medical memory", indicating already in its name the sector to which it is addressed, aid is one that has or may have the need to see or control determined data at moment of everyday life. The design of the same is centered on the user, accessing all the parts of the application structured in tree and ordered ways. We start from a logical point of access to determined data, a menu, and from that we jump to the next data, but always taking into account where we started. In order to put its usability into practice, the experiences have been taken into account, extracted from the personal files of different users, having also made a design in high fidelity of the application. We think that, thanks to the design which is clearly focused on the user, the final product obtained is a product of high quality, and we believe, that it will easily overcome the approach we initially made of the application.
Language: Spanish
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