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Title: Diseño y desarrollo de un nuevo algoritmo basado en la naturaleza para la resolución del problema del vendedor ambulante
Author: García de las Cuevas, Iñigo
Director: Marco Galindo, Maria Jesús
Tutor: Jiménez García, Brian
Keywords: particle swarm
travelling salesman problem
genetic algorithms
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The Travelling Salesman Problem is a combinatorial optimization problem that aims to find the path that goes through a series of points, with the least possible distance. The resolution of this problem grows exponentially with the number of points that the path must go through. For the resolution of this problem computational methods are used in order to advance in the search of the optimal solution, some of which are based in biological processes because of the capacity to solve complex problems that they bring. One of these methods is the one called Particle Swarm Optimization which models social conducts such as the movement of a bee swarm or a fish school. Another of the methods is known as Genetic Algorithm, which bases the generation of solutions in operators like the crossover or mutation of chromosomes. Z.E.R.G. is an algorithm devised for the resolution of the Travelling Salesman Problem, combining elements of the two mentioned methods. The algorithm has different configurations that characterize the performance of its solution search. In this assignment, the design and development of the algorithm is presented, in addition to an analysis of the results generated for varying difficulty Travelling Salesman Problems.
Language: Spanish
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