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Title: Vers el reconeixement dels aprenentatges no formals i informals: un nou model per a Andorra?
Author: García López, Enric Manel
Director: Serrano Balaguer, Ivan
Tutor: Simó Solsona, Montserrat
Keywords: learning
recognition of prior learning
learning outcomes
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In Andorra exists three ways to obtain a qualification: by the initial formation, the continuous learning and the recognition of prior learning (VAE). The object of survey is to evaluate the procedure of recognition of the professional competences acquired by the labour experience, or ways of no formal or informal learning in Andorra determined by the Decree of the 25-2-2015 of regulation of the diploma of professional education, compare it with the practices and policy's at European level and predominately with the Guidelines and recommendations CEDEFOP 2015, and propose a new model adapted at said practices. It Was found that the ongoing system does not respond at the actuality of the systems VAE, since it does not conform important requirements of the ongoing literature, and does not extend at any type of official degree, or permits the partial validation, key to the promotion of learning paths, or not identifying, the user or the employer the competences attained at this case. The project of legislation excels that any degree can be achieved thanks to a combination of learning outcomes, already was acquired at the formal, no formal or informal way. All the degrees obtained at the system VAE will provide at the owner the same rights and duties that a qualification of the formal system. An innovative question is that the country will be able to hand certifications at one some level without characterising the field. It Will be more a level that an occupancy or professional qualification, essentially transversal and will conduct the continuation of study's or at some non-skilled occupancies.
Language: Catalan
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