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Title: Desarrollo de una aplicación web en R/Shiny para la visualización interactiva del análisis diferencial de metilación genómica en muestras tumorales procesadas mediante la tecnología microarray
Author: Garcia Valero, Mar
Tutor: Mallona González, Izaskun
Others: Prados Carrasco, Ferran  
Keywords: DNA methylation
web applications
data management platform
Issue Date: 5-Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: DNA methylation is the most common epigenetics alteration in nature. Recent literature expose the existence of the association between cellular expression modifications in tumors and the demethylation patterns on CpGs located in the body and regulatory elements of relevant genes in the cell stability status. The improvements in laboratory techniques specialized in main relevant biological data's treatment implies the development of optimal bioinformatics tools able to allow the study of the hallmarks from the epigenetics modifications. Microarray techniques gain strength and utility in the differential DNA methylation studies and require potential analyses in situ. Here, we are available of two independent cohorts of tumour and control samples from GEO repository analyzed using the last updated version of methylation array with 850k probes, EPIC. The goal is to develop an online interactive application in R/Shiny language capable to launch the automatic visualization of the samples treating and the differential DNA methylation analysis between both biological status in order to obtain the DMR and dmp of the study that support the definition of a tumour's methylome profile. Programming algorithms from R/Bioconductor/minfi library and its adaptation in the web service code design would provide a product that promote the use of methylation techniques in cancer by lab users not familiarized with the bioinformatics tools software.
Language: Spanish
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