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Title: Estudio de integración de drones con la aviación comercial en el ámbito de los sistemas de comunicación
Author: Sánchez Hernández, Manuel Santiago
Director: Parada Medina, Raúl
Tutor: Monzo Sánchez, Carlos
Keywords: communication systems
commercial aviation
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2019
Abstract: The airspace has undergone a great transformation due to the increasing presence and use of drones and, with this, the number of recorded incidents between these remote-controlled aircraft and passenger aircraft in airports around the world has increased, putting in serious risk the aviation security and of the people. In our country, no significant incident has been reported yet. However, a regulation has been established that regulates the design and manufacture of this type of aircraft, as well as the limitations of use and restricted spaces to avoid situations of risk. However, there is some concern about the reckless or malicious use of these devices, as was recently the case at London's Gatwick airport. For this reason, the need arises to find a way to integrate and securely combine the use of drones with commercial aviation through the analysis and study of the different techniques and communication systems that exist to identify, detect and limit the presence of drones in the Spanish airport environment and integrate them into air traffic control systems. For this purpose, the collection of information related to the different types of drones will be carried out, as well as their characteristics, and the different regulations will be analyzed at a national and international level to find one or several technically feasible solutions that fit within the regulatory framework and that allow make an efficient and safe use of the airspace in the Spanish airport environment.
Language: Spanish
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