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Title: Tindog - Aplicación híbrida para la adopción de animales de protectoras y asociaciones
Author: Ponce Segura, David
Director: Garrigues Olivella, Carles
Tutor: Martín Lineros, Eduard
Keywords: mobile applications
hybrid applications
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The present work tries to approach the development of a mobile application with the aim of facilitating the search and adoption of companion animals that are in charge of specialized associations. The application will be differentiated from its more direct competition by providing an user experience closer to the dating applications, giving it, on one hand, a more sympathetic tone and, on the other, distancing it as much as possible from the concept of a store or a market. Hybrid development technologies will be used, since the technical specifications allow it and this will facilitate their portability to the main mobile systems: Android and iOS. As a complement to the application, it would be desirable to develop a web platform for the management of information, cards, adoptions and contact by the associations. As an end product, an application will be obtained in which users will be able to explore available animals for adoption, according to a series of preferences established by themselves and, once one (or several) is selected, they will contact the responsible entity to complete the procedure.
Language: Spanish
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