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Title: Comparación de la expresión génica regulada por ciclina D1 en cáncer de mama y linfoma de las células del manto mediante GSEA
Author: Calvo Cuesta, Irene
Director: Casas-Roma, Jordi  
Abstract: Both Breast Cancer and Mantle Cell lymphoma are characterized by an overexpression of Cyclin D1. Therefore, knowing the basic mechanisms of the transcriptional function of cyclin D1 is vital to understand why its dysregulation happens. Recent studies of global transcriptional analysis have generated a large amount of data. The present work aims to analyze the published data sets for breast cancer and Mantle Cell Lymphoma and thus seek a similarity in the gene expression of these neoplasms, to generate a genetic signature and study its role as a biomarker that contributes to the early detection of these tumors. This biomedical research will use the desktop application of Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) to carry out the analysis and generate the genetic signature. Initially the analysis will be individual for each type of tumor in order to know its particularities regarding the overexpression of cyclin D1. Then, it will be possible to study whether those two different tumors can have common mechanisms of carcinogenesis. Differentially enriched common processes have been detected, such as chemotaxis, which could be treated by immunotherapy. Alternative treatments would be the inhibition of other positively enriched processes, such as inhibition of IRAK4 kinase activity or the potentiation of the processes significantly contrary to the overexpression of the gene as the activation of EGFR. With the experimental validation in the laboratory of the results obtained, a great social return is expected which would positively contribute to the treatment of tumors.
Keywords: breast cancer
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: Jun-2019
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