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Title: Guía para la evaluación de la práctica docente en asignaturas de ingeniería avanzada
Author: Estrella Arcos, Edisson Xavier
Tutor: Garzón Castrillón, Ana  
Abstract: The global trend of guaranteeing quality in higher education has led governments, non-governmental organizations and institutions of higher education to develop mechanisms aimed at evaluating teaching practice with the aim of fostering a culture of continuous improvement. It is common to use generic methodologies that do not take into consideration the particularities of each branch of knowledge, resulting in fundamental aspects being neglected in relation to the needs of the students. This takes special relevance in certain areas of knowledge such as engineering, where professionals will be in charge of tasks that entail great economic, social, and human responsibilities. Therefore, this paper presents a guide for the evaluation of teaching practice in advanced engineering subjects, which takes into account all those main characteristics that make this line of knowledge different from the others. Within the proposed methodology, the evaluation dimensions required to guarantee a good teaching performance are developed, as well as the instruments necessary to gather information about them from the different interest groups. In addition, a set of quantitative indicators is presented for the objective evaluation of the results, and a set of guidelines for strengthening the identified weaknesses. The proposed guide is flexible for different contexts in which the subjects are developed, and is compatible with other quality processes in higher education, such as accreditations or audits.
Keywords: advanced engineering
teaching practice
quality evaluation
Document type: info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Issue Date: 14-Jul-2019
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