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Title: Préstamo de material deportivo
Author: Fernández Galdo, Alberto
Director: Caballé Llobet, Santi  
Tutor: Robles Martínez, Gregorio
Keywords: web development
Issue Date: 12-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: The goal of the project is help to improve the managing of borrowed material that Barcelona provincial government has as a service for other local municipalities. The service consists to lend material to this municipalities with previous booking, but now the managing is been done by phone and saving the bookings in a spreadsheet. This procedure is hard, tedious and slow for the department staff. This department must have noted the quantity of each material and modify it when some kind of material is borrowed or returned. Also, they must to be controlled the material which is sended for a revision after the loan is returned. When the new management system had been developed, the staff will make bookings fastly, to know the total and available stock for each material and manage also the maintenance. Another interesting point is the local administrations who are interested to know the availability of the material, can do it through the web site, they can make bookings for this material as well. This new system will help to the department to manage the loans better, it will be faster, easiest and more organize for them.
Language: Spanish
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