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Title: Sector halal. Conceptos, áreas, certificación y casos empresariales
Author: Chahed el Ouazzani, Ismael
Director: Pau Galiana Llasat
Keywords: Halal
Certificación halal
Turismo halal
Medicamentos halal
Finanzas islámicas
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2020
Publisher: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
Abstract: In this work we made an analysis of the halal sector, in which all the areas covered by this sector were studied. To analyze the Halal sector, an introduction has been made on the principles of the Islamic religion and the different religious streams and it demographic expansion in the world, in Europe and in Spain. The analysis of the different religious streams is of utmost importance since being a religion that lacks a clear organizational structure and hierarchy similar to that of the Christian religion, there are different legal schools that interpret religion differently, which is the reason why the religious practice is very different in the Muslim world, which in turn has consequences on the religious practices of immigrants, who depending on their origin practice religion differently. Halal food is the most relevant area of the halal sector because the Muslim religion prohibits the consumption of many foods and requires a ritual of sacrifice so that the meat is suitable for consumption. In order to have a reference on halal foods, all prohibited foods have been described in detail as well as an attempt has been made to publicize the main disagreements between legal schools on certain foods. Because derivatives of prohibited foods can be found in many foods, possible sources of prohibited foods have been listed. The Halal sector beyond food covers sectors such as tourism, health, cosmetic and finance, for this purpose, all the areas has been analyzed, as well as a balance of the situation in Spain of this sector. The tourism sector covers all the needs that differentiate the Muslim tourist from other types of tourists, there is an index that evaluate the quality of the tourism offer called the GMTI which in this work has been analyzed in detail and we tried to respond to the possible causes of the low classification that Spain has in certain areas. In relation to Islamic finance, the different Islamic instruments have been defined in detail. Finally, examples of Spanish and European companies that have launched in the Halal market have been exposed.
Language: Spanish
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